F1RSTDESIGN cares about the environment. Therefore we follow these 10 principles:
1. We prefer skype video conferencing instead of travelling.
2. We print our own business material on eco friendly paper.
3. We work with suppliers of print services which can demonstrate an environmental policy.
4. We show our clients the most environmentally based solution to any design problem.
5. We support and work free of charge for the association of sustainable energy production EGL Energie-Genossenschaft Bergisches Land.
6. We constantly optimize our office energy efficiency. [Standby lights of all multi-outlet power strips are shut of by remote control in off hours.]
7. We produce as little office waste as possible and our waste is being recycled.
8. Our electricity comes from a sustainable energy cooperative.
9. We collect rainwater for watering our office garden.
10. And – last but not least – we go to the office by bike or public transportation unless it is unavoidable for transportation.
Convince yourself by having a look at the cycling CEO on Google Street View: