2015 | 10 DIE KÖLNER INTERNETWOCHE invites Christopher Ledwig for a panel diskussion about the digital workplace of the future.

2014 | 02 | DESIGN MADE IN GERMANY publishes our recent corporate design project THE NOBLEMAN http://www.designmadeingermany.de

2014 | 02 | MAYBE IT’S GREAT publishes our recent corporate design project THE NOBLEMAN http://maybeitsgreat.tumblr.com/

2014 | 01 | WDR 3 MOSAIK RADIO INTERVIEW We were live on the radio show >Mosaik< from WDR3 – prime time 8.a.m. – for an interview about our wayfinding system for Zeche Zollverein. http://www.wdr3.de/kunst/zechezollverein110.html

2010 | 08 | VORTRAG FORUM TYPOGRAFIE We had the honor typography to be invited to give a lecture titled "Route writing culture Zollverein ". Fonts and logos - the identities of Zeche. A walk with Anika Braun, Nadja Kothe and Christopher Ledwig.

2010 | 06 | LECTURE UNIVERSITY WUPPERTAL | Christopher Ledwig giving a speach on "Publish architecture" in context of the seminar and lecture series of the masters course- department of architecture.

2009 | 06 | STROOM DEN HAAG | Lecture by Christopher Ledwig at the closing ceremony of "observations on the present state" by OBSERVATORIUM a group of artist from rotterdam. A 10-year retrospective at the established architectural gallery STROOM in the Hague.. http://www.observatorium.org

2009 | 01 | UNI WUPPERTAL | Christopher Ledwig holds a series of lectures with Dirk Uhlenbrock [www.signalgrau.com]. Intro of the event: Outside the front door of the University of Wuppertal a variety of inspiring designers live and work. Reason enough to get to know the people next door. The department of ​​visual communication has invited ten of these designers to present their theories and methods of working. Any two of the neighbours meet on stage on one evening to show their work and talk about their balance between information and decoration, between art and design, between ambition and reality.